Stokes Sauces is taking on the big brands with its new squeezy bottles launch, alongside the introduction of a reduced sugar ketchup.

Stokes Sauces Squeezy Bottles

Produced in Suffolk, Stokes tomato ketchup, real mayonnaise, original BBQ sauce, brown sauce and new reduced sugar ketchup will all be available in the new format.

The company’s squeezy bottles are made from 100% recyclable PET plastic and feature the same recipes as Stoke’s existing range of glass bottle condiments.

This includes using 200g of Italian tomatoes for every 100g of regular tomato ketchup, or British free-range eggs and Greek extra virgin olive oil for its mayonnaise.

In addition, Stokes’ new reduced sugar ketchup contains 30% less sugar than the traditional variant and a higher percentage of tomatoes. All the new products will be made available to independent retailers from 1 June (rrp £3.45 - £3.60 each).

Rick Sheepshanks, founder and managing director of Stokes Sauces, said: “  started making ketchup to encourage my young daughter to eat more vegetables and I wanted to make it easier for more families to enjoy our quality ketchup and sauces. With the new bottles you can squeeze out just the right amount, they seal easily, last longer and little hands can use them with far less mess.

“We know that we offer a higher quality and better tasting range of sauces than the big brands and we really want to take on these big names. Squeezy bottles dominate the sector and reduced sugar options are becoming more popular, so we’ve invested in these new products to enable us to chase a bigger share of the market.”