Young's Seafood has launched four chilled fish recipe meals to cash in on the growing popularity of chilled seafood.
The new line of chilled seafood dishes comprises Famous Fisherman's Pie, Haddock Mornay, a Tuna & Penne Pasta dish, plus an exotic eastern curry, King Prawn Makhani.
The Fisherman's Pie is made using sustainably caught Alaska pollock fillet and comes in a buttery sauce and is topped with mash and Cheddar cheese.
Haddock Mornay comprises haddock fillets in a Cheddar sauce, while King Prawn Makhani is a medium-strength curry of Columbian prawns marinated in a butter sauce with cream, honey, coriander and aromatic spices and served with Basmati rice.
The Tuna & Penne Pasta combines flakes of tuna with Italian penne pasta and sweetcorn in a Cheddar sauce topped with Parmesan and a light crumble.
Rrp £1.99-£2.99
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