Birds Eye is challenging consumer perceptions of frozen food with the launch of a £21m campaign designed to promote the message that frozen food stays fresher for longer than chilled food.
The campaign includes TV, radio, press and poster advertising, PR and a website, and features journalist and broadcaster Richard Johnson, who presents BBC2's Full On Food programme and is Olive magazine's resident restaurant critic. Three different TV ads will promote burgers, fish and salmon.
Birds Eye category director John Farrell says: "People have wrongly labelled frozen food as poor quality and we want to set the record straight. The campaign aims to educate consumers that Birds Eye does not need to use preservatives because the food is kept fresh by nature's own preservative - freezing."
He adds: "Freezing doesn't just keep food fresh and tasting its best, it can preserve vitamins and nutrients, too, and can be better than some fresh or chilled food that's been standing around for days."
The campaign is an evolution of recent communication from Bird Eye, which has educated on the benefits of freezing and the quality of food via campaigns such as Captain Birds Eye Nutrition Mission and the 'We Don't Play With Your Food' strapline.
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