DANONe is targeting the after-dinner market with a new launch: Activia Intensely Creamy. ● The launch comes as a response to research which showed the brand under-indexing in the post-evening meal period, even though this was the most common time for people to feel bloated. ● Each pot has under 3% fat but has the benefits of the core Activia brand. ● The dessert is available in sumptuously strawberry, luscious cherry, zesty lemon and peaches & cream flavours. ● Multipacks of four pots have a rrp of £1.99. ● The launch will be supported by half-price promotions or £1 for four-pack deals. ● TV advertising will begin on October 16 and Danone is committing £2.5m to the launch this year, in addition to the £12.5m spent in the entire Activia brand throughout 2008. TEL 020 8799 1000