St Pierre 'Eat Avec Respect' annoyed man brioche burger bun artwork  2100x1400

Bakery brand St Pierre has revealed its first-ever above the line campaign, with a tongue-in-cheek take on French superiority, highlighting the brands quality credentials.

The campaign will appear in-store, in online social and digital and with a dedicated consumer PR campaign, as well as on TV screens nationwide.

Titled ‘Eat Avec Respect’, the campaign combines the assuredness and confidence of stereotypical French attitude with the humour and playfulness of the growing premium brand.

Megan Harrison, Global VP Marketing at St Pierre, said: “Like everything we do, the campaign is rooted in insight. Our brand truth is that the quality of our brioche is outstanding – it’s elite and so much more than ‘everyday bread’. The cultural truth is that from art to romance and fashion to food, it’s widely accepted that the French just do it better - and they know it too. What’s more, the French are fiercely protective of what is dear to them, and passionate in sharing frustrations if others don’t show the same respect.

“The new campaign delivers satire with a playfully self-aware wink – dramatising the imagined response of the French when brioche is not given the reverence it deserves. We see anguish and despair at the way Brits treat sacred St. Pierre brioche, culminating in a plea for more serious appreciation: ‘Eat avec respect’. It’s a concept we’ve tested in multiple markets so we can be confident that the new creative will work internationally, as our brand grows.”