19813 BIONA Multi Seed Bread Roll Selection 300g - 001 WEB

Biona has launched a new selection of organic ready-to-bake multi-seed bread rolls, which will be available to retailers from July onwards with an RRP of £3.95 for a pack of six.

The pack contains a curated assortment of three white pumpkin seed rolls and three brown multigrain rolls.

Senior marketing manager at Biona’s parent company Windmill Organic Kelly Shaw, said: “This new launch is particularly timely with many consumers increasingly concerned about certain bakery products and the potential impact on their health. This means they are looking to either reduce their consumption of bread altogether or at least seek out alternative bakery products with benefits, which must deliver on both health and taste. Our new six-pack multi-seed bread rolls do exactly that, so we hope retailers recognise the opportunity and get behind the launch.”