A London retailer claims his store is the first in the world to grow fresh food on its roof.

Andrew Thornton's Budgens in Crouch End is topped with an organic food garden made up of 10 tonnes of compost, fencing, trees and more than 100 wooden pallets to line the roof.

Working with the Positive Earth Project, Andrew involved local people in the initiative, and the first seeds were planted two months ago. The first fruits of the volunteer team's labours are now available to customers on the shop floor below.

"We need to grow more food in cities; with millions of square metres of suitable growing space on the roofs of London, we want to inspire others to follow suit," Andrew said.

Positive Earth Project's Azul Thome added: "It's such an exciting and inspiring project that we have had a huge amount of interest and support from volunteers, businesses and the council."