Pork Farms Ploughmans

Pork Farms is expanding its range with two new lines.

The BBQ Medium Pork Pie (295g, RRP £2.50) and 4pk Ploughman’s Mini Pork Pies with Cheese & Pickle (4x50g, RRP £2.50) will be available in the convenience channel from May.

Nick Partridge, marketing manager at Pork Farms, which is part of The Compleat Food Group said: “As the no.1 pork pie brand, we’re passionate about driving the category forward and adding real value. This is why we’re not only creating delicious and exciting new recipes, but also investing heavily in every aspect of our brand, including our marketing and packaging. This is helping us to fuel category growth and attract even more people, particularly younger audiences, to buy into Chilled Savoury Pastry.

“This successful approach means we’re outperforming the wider pork pie market significantly. We look forward to building on this even further with the launch of our incredible new recipes and encouraging people to see the pork pie as more than a monthly treat, but as a regular snack or part of a light meal they can enjoy.”