Popcorn Kitchen Footballs lifestyle with bowl (1)

With the start of UEFA EURO 2024 just a month away, Popcorn Kitchen has created a snack pack containing chocolate footballs.

The Pop at Home Chocolate Footballs kit (440g, RRP £13.99) creates 14 portions and makes for a quirky alternative to traditional TV snacks, such as crisps, nuts and chocolate bars. Featuring gourmet mushroom popping corn, Belgian milk chocolate buttons and edible footballs, the product is also hoping to attract consumers looking for a Father’s Day gift.

Popcorn Kitchen co-founder, Louise Monk, said: “It was this time last year that we launched our Take Home Popping Kits having listened to customers who wanted a more immersive Popcorn Kitchen experience that enabled parents and children to join forces when concocting their favourite stay-in treat. With the recent success of seasonal specials that harnessed the feelgood of Halloween and Christmas it made sense that our next offering would tackle the Beautiful Game.”