1 BN Popping Candy Sizzling Strawberry 5pk outer film_3D

Pladis has launched new McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars.

Available in two flavours - Crackling Chocolate and Sizzling Strawberry – McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars combine chocolate or soft strawberry sponge with chocolate cream or traditional light cream, and filled with popping candy pieces.

Available in packs of five individually-wrapped bars (rrp: £1.25), they’re aimed at family shoppers looking for a lunchtime treat or an evening indulgence.

“Sales of McVitie’s BN have soared since it returned to supermarket shelves last year,” says Niall O’Connor, senior brand manager – cake at Pladis UK&I. “So we’re now taking everything we know about why shoppers love our BN biscuits and applying this to a complementary category – cakes.

“We’ve already started this with McVitie’s BN Mini Rolls and, since launching in January, this product has helped us welcome a whole new cohort of cake-lovers to the brand. Now we’re taking things up a notch with McVitie’s BN Popping Candy Cake Bars.