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Unwind is the second variant from mood enhancing beverages brand Peak. 

An ’all-natural’ sparkling mood drink infused with natural nootropics and adaptogens, believed to improve key brain functions, Unwind is made with a selection of active ingredients that are said to raise serotonin levels in the brain – leaving consumers feeling clear, calm, content and relaxed. 

Available in two mellow naturally derived flavours, Peach Rose and Blackberry Hibiscus, the drink has an rrp of £1.99 per can or £24 for a 12-pack. Unwind contains Magnesium – a critical mineral for brain health that helps to regulate stress and reduce cortisol levels; Glycine – an essential amino acid that helps control mood, sleep and repair cells; L-theanine – which helps to reduce anxiety; and B Vitamins that boost vitality. 

This low sugar non-alcoholic beverage is suitable as a post-workout, post-meeting or post-social drink, claims the brand. “My ADHD can make it extremely difficult to switch my brain off at the end of a long day,” says co-founder Louie Syred. “Reaching for alcohol has always been my go to, but as a business owner and young parent, I can’t afford to be groggy and sluggish the next day. We’ve formulated the perfect blend of natural calming ingredients to calm your mood and quieten your mind, without the downsides.”

The new beverage joins the company’s Rise drink, a plant-based ‘pick me up’ available in Pink Grapefruit Mint and Raspberry Lime flavours.

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