New-look pricemarked packs of Marlboro Gold Touch cigarettes are hitting gantries as Philip Morris Limited (PML) targets cash concious adult smokers.

The sticks, which are slightly thinner than standard Marlboro Gold cigarettes, command a lower price point of £6.85 for 20.

The new cellophane wrap features a royal blue fingerprint design that highlights the brand’s rrp. 

“A key trend in tobacco retailing is adult smokers seeking value for money and down-trading,”PML marketing director Zoe Smith said. 

“However, whilst the value market is growing, Marlboro is an iconic, best-selling cigarette brand, so it’s vital that we retain our premium credentials whilst evolving to meet the needs of today’s adult smokers.”

PML also launched its Marlboro Ice Blast capsule cigarettes in a new 10 pack format earlier this month.