Tobacco accessories specialist Republic Technologies (UK) Ltd. has introduced a new countertop display unit to help retailers increase visibility of its paper brand, OCB.

The units, which hold 10 booklets each of the three OCB Slim & Tips variants: OCB Virgin, OCB Premium and OCB Organic Hemp, are being rolled out now to selected convenience stores in England and will be available on a limited basis initially. The OCB countertop unit measures 130mm (w) x 140mm (h) x 135mm (d), enabling retailers to manage display space effectively.

“Demand for our OCB products is such that it is currently the fastest growing mainstream paper brand in the UK market. We are also seeing increased shopper interest in premium paper & tips format, with the sub-category growing at +66% YoY*, so now is the ideal time for retailers to build their ranges and boost visibility to see an uplift in profits,” says Gavin Anderson, head of sales at Republic Technologies (UK) Ltd.

For information on ordering an OCB CDU, please call 01494 492230, email enquiries@republictechnologies.co.uk or follow the trade Twitter feed @RTUKtrade.