The Santa Fe Natural Tobacco company is launching new 5x12.5g outers for its additive-free Natural American Spirit Original Blue and new Original Yellow roll your own (RYO) tobacco brand.

The new outers are designed to halve retailers’ cash outlay and allow them to more easily purchase both 12.5g variants.

“With the Natural American Spirit brand growing at 30.4% this gives retailers the opportunity to stock the UK’s number one additive free RYO tobacco brand,” general manager Alan Graham said.

Launched in July, the Original Yellow brand has been designed to appeal to quality-conscious finecut smokers who prefer a smoother taste.

The brand uses a blend of Virginia tobacco to build the base, along with specially selected Virginia tobaccos from US and Europe and a portion of Oriental tobacco to deliver a new smooth taste.

The tobacco is sustainably farmed and contains no additives, flavourings or preservatives.