UK snacks brand Metcalfe’s has launched two new formats for its low-calorie snacking range; Corn Chips and Mini Ricecakes.

Metcalfe’s Corn Chips are popped triangular snacks, available in two flavours: nacho cheese (92 calories); and sizzlin’ BBQ (94 calories). Both new products offer a lower calorie alternative to savoury impulse snacking occasions, coming in individual impulse 22g bags (rrp 75p).

Meanwhile, Metcalfe’s Mini Ricecakes contain a mix of wholegrain and white rice for a snack with added crunch. Available in three flavours: milk chocolate (81 calories); dark chocolate with orange (79 calories); and white chocolate (80 calories), the snacks are sold in 16g packs of four rice cakes.

All Metcalfe’s products, including its popcorn snacking range, are gluten free and suitable for vegetarians.

Metcalfe’s senior brand manager Sam Garnham said: “Many consumers are now looking for options with lower fat, sugar or salt contents. With this range expansion, Metcalfe’s provides the perfect solution offering both choice and great taste, with the added assurance that portions are under the 100 calorie mark.”