Dark Maltesers

The Maltesers range is expanding with a dark chocolate variant. Dark Maltesers hit the market on 20th June, marking the first innovation on Maltesers Balls in nearly ten years.

The new launch claims to offer a more intense chocolate experience, containing 65% more cocoa and 30% less sugar, meeting shopper demand for more permissible sweet treats. A reduction in sugar content was highlighted as one of the top three priorities for shoppers in 2020, according to IGD research

Research from the first quarter of 2021 showed that the dark chocolate segment has grown 15% (Nielsen), with consumers increasingly looking for a more intense cocoa experience. Mars Wrigley claims that Maltesers’ innovation pipeline is proven to recruit younger shoppers into the category (YouGov). This latest product from Mars Wrigley is positioned to make dark chocolate more appealing to under 25s, recruiting new consumers to the category, driving retail sales and wider category growth.

The new product is available in a £1 PMP treat bag (59g), a single pack (32g), pouch (88g) and made to share pouch (163g). 

Leah Dyckes, brand director for M&M’s and Maltesers, says: “The creation of Dark Maltesers is a direct response to our consumers who have voiced they would like a dark chocolate variety of their favourite treat. Dark Maltesers retain what consumers know and love about Maltesers whilst offering a richer flavour profile, widening the consumer base of dark chocolate to younger consumers.”