Bounty protein

Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats has expanded its protein range with an improved Bounty Hi Protein bar, and new Bounty Hi Protein Chocolate and Coconut flavour whey protein powder. A 57g single bar has an rrp of £2, while a 12-pack of 52g bars and an 875g protein pack both have an rrp of £19.99.

Following on from a limited edition line in 2017, the latest Bounty Hi Protein bar is made with milk chocolate and features a layer of desiccated coconut on the top and in the base. It contains 18g protein and 207 calories, while the powder contains 21g of protein and 147 calories per serving.

Sales of protein bars containing coconut have seen sales increase 20% YOY, with the Protein Bar Total Market growing by 47%, claims the company. Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats, said: “As the only chocolate brand in the UK containing real coconut, Bounty has a distinctly loyal customer base, with 46% being repeat purchasers.

“With the level of demand for coconut flavoured protein products showing a significant increase in the last year, and Bounty being so iconic for its coconut and chocolate blend, we saw an opportunity to bring to market two new Bounty protein products to complement our growing range, and offer consumers a familiar chocolate coconut brand within the protein market.”