Mars Consumer Drinks & Treats has launched an M&M’s branded range of protein bars.

M and M protein

The bars contain 15g of protein and 192 calories and come in M&M’s Hi Protein Chocolate and M&M’s Hi Protein Chocolate Peanut variants.

Mars Consumer Drinks & Treats general manager Michelle Frost explains how the brand saw the market grow. “The iconic M&M’s brand is one of most popular names in confectionery, and one that we have always been keen to introduce in a protein bar format.

“We continue to see all major multiple grocery stores quickly expanding their protein bar ranges, with taste and brand trust playing vital roles in driving increased demand as health and wellbeing continues to be one the fastest growing trends. Our M&M’s Hi Protein Chocolate and M&M’s Hi Protein Chocolate Peanut bars offer shoppers brand recognition, and an unrivalled level of familiarity and trusted taste.”

She added that the new range follows in the footsteps of Snickers Hi-Protein Peanut Butter that was launched last year.

“This year, we have successfully introduced the Twix brand to our range of protein powders, as well as making Snickers Hi-Protein Peanut Butter a permanent SKU after the initial limited edition launch proved so popular. We are confident that both M&M’s bars will be in similar demand, and play a key role in the impact Mars continues to have on sales in the grocery and impulse sports nutrition market.”