Snickers Hi Protein white chocolate bar and whey protein powder

Source: Mars

Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats is further flexing its muscles in the sports nutrition arena with Snickers Hi Protein White Chocolate bar (57g, rrp £2) and Snickers Hi Protein Powder in White Chocolate Caramel and Peanut flavour (875g, rrp £19.99). 

The group claims that consumer demand for white chocolate flavours in protein bars is growing, with some of the bestselling brands in grocery and impulse now seeing their white chocolate variants outperform their core range. 

Mintel research shows that 44% of supermarket protein bar consumers struggle to find a product that tastes good (Nielsen Homescan Grocery Mults Mat 10.8.19). Mars is hoping to combat this barrier by using real white chocolate within its bar.

Michelle Frost, general manager at Mars Chocolate Drinks & Treats, said: “The white chocolate variety of Snickers has proved hugely popular in our confectionery business, and continues to be named on social media as one of the key flavours that consumers would like to see in a protein product. We are seeing white chocolate variants being introduced into a number of grocery and impulse markets, and wanted to demonstrate the innovation to our specialist sports range by becoming the first confectionery brand to launch not one, but two white chocolate protein products!

“This will be our biggest launch since the introduction of M&M’s Hi Protein Chocolate and M&M’s Hi Protein Chocolate Peanut bars, with the peanut SKU cited as the third most wished protein bar on week of launch on Amazon, and both now sit with our original Mars and Snickers Hi Protein Bars in Amazon’s Top 50 best sellers in the Nutritional Protein Bar Category, signifying the key role Mars continues to have on sales and influence in the protein market.”

Snickers Hi Protein White Chocolate bar contains 20g protein and 233 calories, and Snickers Hi Protein White Chocolate Caramel and Peanut flavour whey protein powder contains 21g of protein and 144 calories per serving.