Philip Morris is to price-mark its cigarette brand Marlboro for the first time next month in a bid to establish a sustainable pricing structure for premium tobacco.

From late November, packs of Marlboro Gold will be pricemarked in the Greater London area, at £7.75 for 20s and £3.94 for 10s. Unmarked packs will continue to be available.

Philip Morris md Martin Inkster explains that the over-pricing of premium cigarettes is putting shoppers off and encouraging previously brand-loyal smokers to seek out lower-priced alternatives.

He adds: “Todays’ shopper is more savvy than ever before, and in tough economic times it’s of paramount importance that retailers price their products competitively.

“Selling overpriced cigarettes compromises also compromises all of the associated sales of other categories.”

According to Him research, 34% of shoppers agree that pricemarked packs of tobacco make them feel like they are paying a fair price.