Lucozade Energy has revealed a new TV advert to support the next phase of its ‘Find Your Flow’ campaign.

‘Find your Flow’ launched in June 2015 as part of a £14m marketing campaign. The first phase included outdoor and radio advertising and saw Lucozade become the title sponsor of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother.

The second phase now welcomes a new TV advert which will be launching on July 29, alongside activity such as a PR stunt, large-scale sampling events in offices and train stations nationwide, as well as an amplified digital marketing campaign.

The new TV advert not only highlights what ‘Find Your Flow’ is, but also demonstrates the philosophy in action, reinforcing the message of having that unmistakable feeling of being unstoppable, no matter what the day throws at you.

Rather than providing one big energy hit, Lucozade Energy is being promoted as a sustainable source of energy. “Traditionally, Lucozade has been used as a sickness recovery drink for replenishing lost energy,” said Lesley Stonier, marketing manager for Lucozade Energy. “As new generations come into the brand they can be confused about what role Lucozade plays. Now we’re aiming to show the mass audience who already consume us how we can be useful for people who live busy lives and struggle to get everything done. We hope to bring more consumers to the brand too and drive frequency by showing them we can give them the energy they need to get through the day.”

You can view the TV advert here: