Vaping brand Juul is launching a new and improved range of Juulpods with a lower-nicotine strength option, designed to appeal to new and existing vapers. 

JUUL 9mg

The new Juulpods will be available in the 18mg/ml strength and a new 9mg/ml strength, across an “adult oriented-flavour range,” to help smokers make the switch from tobacco to vaping. 

The new Juulpods use a cotton wick, rather than a silica wick, which Juul says provides a more “satisfying vapour experience.”

The new 18mg/ml Juulpod contains the same amount of nicotine as the previous one but offers “more consistency puff-to puff and has the potential to deliver more nicotine per puff and more vapour depending on usage patterns.” 

The new 9 mg/ml Juulpod offers adult smokers a lower nicotine alternative.

Both Juulpods are compatible with the existing Juul device.

Juul Labs UK sales director John Patterson said: “Our mission is to improve the lives of the UK’s 7.4m smokers by helping them make the switch from combustible tobacco products to less harmful alternatives.

“Research from Action on Smoking and Health reported that 92% of ex-vapers and current smokers did not think the available range of e-cigarettes were satisfying enough.

“Since Juul’s launch into retail in November, we have increased Juul’s distribution to give adult smokers greater access to our products, and we believe the new Juulpods, which will be widely available in June, will deliver a more satisfying experience to a broader range of adult smokers looking to switch.”

The 18mg/ml Juulpods will continue to be the standard strength in the Juul Starter Kit and will be available in all five Juulpods refill flavours; Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint, Mango Nectar, Royal Creme, Apple Orchard and Alpine Berry.

The 9mg/ml strength will be available in Golden Tobacco, Glacier Mint and Mango Nectar.

 “Every adult smoker is unique and choosing a nicotine strength that satisfies alongside their preferred flavour is important in helping them make the switch,” Patterson added.

Juul Labs UK signed a deal to supply 1,300 McColl’s convenience stores across the UK earlier this month taking its store estate to over 7,000.