Imperial is offering retailers the chance to make their dreams come true as part of a new competition in support of JPS’s enhanced cigarette range.

The UK-wide competition asks retailers to explain what their perfect day would be.

The competition is open for entry now at and will run for a full three months. Prizes include trips abroad, experience days, sporting events, tech and fine dining.

The three enhancements to its JPS cigarette range include:

A JPS Real Blue Filter Upgrade which enhances the smoking experience by retaining the perfect shape, a key feature requested by consumers.

JPS Silver has become ‘JPS Silver Stream’ as the product’s previous filter tip is superseded by the ‘smooth filter’, featuring unique flow channels that deliver an exceptionally smooth taste experience. New JPS Silver Stream also features paper designed to create less smoke.

JPS Green has become ‘JPS Green Edge’ and features a menthol inner liner within the packaging that is more effective at transferring flavour to the cigarettes than traditional menthol tips.

JPS Real Blue, JPS Silver Stream and JPS Green Edge are all available now in both King Size and Superkings 20s at RRPs of £8.30.