Cadbury DarkMilk

Froneri has expanded its Cadbury ice cream portfolio to include Cadbury Darkmilk.

Aimed at adults, Darkmilk is the latest launch from Cadbury ice cream, which already includes Dairy Milk, Flake99 and Buttons. Cadbury Darkmilk, sold in packs of four, will be made available from March 2022 with an RRP of £3,00.

Brunhilde Van Antwerp, UK head of marketing for Cadbury ice cream said: “At Cadbury ice cream, we wanted to introduce a product that caters specifically for more grown-up taste buds looking for a richer chocolate taste experience. Cadbury Darkmilk delivers perfect combination of rich and creamy flavours for moments of true indulgence.”

“Our research found that 43% of consumption at family occasions are adults making them a consumer that can’t go a miss (Kantar Usage, Occasions, Family Dinner and Family Snacking 52we). Darkmilk is the ice cream that will hit the sweet spot without question.”

“We have an exciting launch planned for Darkmilk, with a full marketing campaign in the pipeline which will feature a new TV creative, PR and social media activity.”