Skittles Squishy Cloudz

Mars Wrigley is branching into gummies for the first time in the UK, with Skittles Squishy Cloudz.

Available in Fruits and Crazy Sours flavours, Squishy Cloudz combines a gummy and marshmallow to create a soft sweet with intense flavours. The product comes in 94g and 70g tear and share packs and targets multiple occasions, including shared screen-time and on-the-go consumption.

The launch will be supported by a digital campaign across social media and online video platforms including Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. The month-long  ‘Squish the Rainbow!’ campaign goes live this month with an estimated reach of +14 million (35% of adults) specifically targeting under-28s.

Shoppers expect variety in the flavours and textures of fruity confections, with fruits being the biggest flavour partition, and sours being the most incremental flavour to fruits, states the company.

Squishy Cloudz joins a portfolio of best-sellers, including Skittles Giants and Giants Crazy Sours. The firm is confident that Squishy Cloudz will be a key sales driver for retailers with +50% overall incrementality from Mars Wrigley fruity confectionery launches (Kantar MF17- Total FC – 52 w/e 5 Sept 2021 vs year ago).

Skittles brand director Victoria Gell says: “Following the footsteps of the successful launch of Skittles Giants, Squishy Cloudz is set to take the UK by storm. Squishy Cloudz are softer, squishier and a whole lot bouncier while packed full of delicious fruity flavour, widening the consumer base for the brand while recruiting new consumers into the Skittles family.  

“Squishy Cloudz offers our customers the opportunity to achieve incremental sales within sugar confectionery and Mars Wrigley is supporting the ‘Squish the Rainbow!’ campaign in store with colourful and engaging POS to drive trial.”