Nomo Choc Lollies

Vegan and free-from chocolate brand Nomo has branched out into children’s confectionery with monster themed choc lollies. The three-pack of creamy choc lollies (rrp £1.50) are free from dairy and feature Mo, Jo or Flo characters on the wrapping.

In the UK it is estimated that the prevalence of food allergies is 7.1% in breastfed infants, with one in 40 developing peanut allergies and one in 20 developing an egg allergy (Immune Tolerance Network 2017). 

With this in mind Nomo has created a vegan and free-from chocolate product that children with allergies to dairy, gluten, egg or nuts can enjoy.

Brand manager Jacqueline Tyrrell said: ‘Nomo has established itself as the UK’s number one adult vegan and free from chocolate brand and we are so excited to be able to cater for younger customers with our Nomo kids’ products. Roughly 5% of children in the UK suffer from a food allergy or intolerance and this often impacts the whole household. For caregivers, this means it can be difficult to find treats that are suitable for the whole family without someone feeling left out. Nomo is as delicious as mainstream chocolate and has the added benefit of being free from dairy, gluten, egg and nuts, which makes our three pack of lollies a wonderfully inclusive choice for families.’

Since launching in 2019, Kinnerton claims that Nomo has become the number one vegan and free-from chocolate brand in the UK worth £9m in RSV with the greatest market share (24.4%) (Nielsen Scantrack & Homescan – Data To 27/03/21).