Delamere ready to eat chicken products, the latest range from Forresters, is now available to food retailers.

Designed to cater to increasing consumer demand for great quality, on-the-go cooked products, the Delamere range includes chicken slices, rrp £1, roast chicken thighs, chicken wings, rrp 2 for £4.00, and roast whole and half chickens, all of which are ready to eat straight out of the packet.

Some of the products are also available in different flavours such as Tikka and Hot and Spicy.

Tom Diggle, Forresters Director, said: “By optimising on the growing demand for on-the-go food, launching this range provides meal solutions for consumers seeking minimal preparation time. In combination with the focus on competitive price-point, it is offering retailers the opportunity to identify with consumer needs whilst obtaining a high profit-margin.”