Davidstow Cheddar has relaunched with a refreshed look.

As part of the revamp, its ‘Crackler’ has also had its maturity time increased from 18 months to 24 months to “further improve the taste experience and differentiation”.

The new look aims to give Davidstow a more premium look and feel, improved fixture stand-out and SKU navigation. Previous Davidstow packaging used variant-led packaging colours, which have been replaced with a new inky blue brand colour consistent across all three variants, as well as a new logo. The new brand platform ‘Awaken The Moment’ focuses on the sensory joy of eating the cheese whilst tapping into the brand’s Cornish heritage.

The new look will be supported through shopper marketing in-store, retailer Christmas magazines and a programme of consumer shows and events in 2024.

Head of brand for Davidstow Jonathan Westlake, said: “Consumers love Davidstow cheese for its depth and complexity of flavour at an accessible price point. Our new ‘Awaken The Moment’ platform aims to bring to life the joy of eating high quality Davidstow cheddar in everyday meals and snacks. We also wanted to broaden our appeal to a younger food-savvy audience. Our Cornish heritage is an incredibly important part of what makes Davidstow special and we’ve dialled that up on pack within the new logo.

“Extending our maturation period for Davidstow Crackler not only gives us a point of difference as one of the longest matured cheddars on the supermarket shelf, but critically enhances the flavour profile.”