Clawson Farms Cheeses

Clawson Farms has launched a range of six new wax truckles.

The range includes traditional flavours, which have been elevated by using premium ingredients or adding a flavour twist. The range is being presented with a cast of memorable characters and brand names.

The 200g/150g (rrp: £5.50) range comprises:

• Captain Bulldog - Vintage Cheddar

• Wizards Fire - Red Leicester with Scotch Bonnet and Harissa

• Dormouse’s Delight – Wensleydale with Cranberry, Elderflower and Marmalade

• Castaway – Wensleydale with Mango & Ginger

• Truffle Seeker – Extra Mature Cheddar with Truffle & Honey

• Gunpowder - Naturally Oak Smoked Mature Cheddar

“Our research shows there is a real desire for unusual flavours and distinct branding for truckle cheeses, particularly in delis and farm shops” said Bill Matthieson, managing director of Clawson Farms. “We are bringing to the sector something original in terms of taste and premium in terms of quality. There is more browsing and tasting time in local delis where shoppers are happy to discover new flavours. Traditionally truckles have been bought for special occasions and gifts, but our insight shows that more people are now buying them to enjoy as a treat for themselves.”