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BrewDog has unveiled its new beverage Cold Beer (3.4% ABV) in a move to recognise the growing demand for low ABV beer.

The new product uses historic brewing techniques from the Kolsch style (originaly from Germany), fermenting the beer with an ale yeast but at the lower lager temperature, hence the term ‘Cold Beer’. This process adds additional flavour from the ale yeast to the beer, delivering a “higher quality tasting product whilst being able to deliver a more sessionable strength brew.” said BrewDog.

Lauren Carrol chief marketing officer at BrewDog PLC said: “As shoppers continue to monitor their alcohol consumption, we have identified a need for a low abv beer, that not only delivers a more sessionable pint, but with quality our number one priority, also provides the great taste that BrewDog is known for and a liquid that we can be proud of.

“Additionally, with consumers spending 18% more on FMCG items vs 2021, it is no surprise that price is a key factor driving store choice and promotional spend is at its highest level for four years, as they continue to feel the financial pressure and look for options to reduce the cost of their grocery shop. Offering lower-abv products that meet the government’s new duty level is just one way to deliver value back to shoppers who still want to participate but are cash conscious”.

It is available in Booker in 10 x 440ml (RSP £9.00).