Boost drinks is extending its energy drinks range with the introduction of the Punch Power Sugar Free can.

The brand is introducing the new 250ml sku to attract more customers to the drinks fixture. The new variant is completely sugar-free but still retains the same taste as the rest of the Boost range.

The new Punch Power flavour features a fusion of mango, passionfruit and cranberry flavours. The pack design uses bold colours and the product’s launch will be accompanied by a strong range of point of sale, including in-depot display pieces and retailer shelf wobblers.

Simon Gray, founder and managing director of Boost, said: “As an independent company that supplies only to independent retailers, we wanted to create a product that we know will appeal to the growing number of shoppers looking for healthier soft drinks that don’t compromise on taste or price. At Boost, we never sit still and we’re always looking for ways to help attract new shoppers to the drinks fixture through new and exciting products that capitalise on the biggest trends in flavours and formats.

“We understand the challenges affecting retailers currently around the sugar levy and we want to support our customers by offering more low sugar options that don’t move away from the much-loved Boost taste. We’re confident Punch Power delivers the great flavour, fantastic taste and exceptional value that our customers have come to expect from us.”

Boost Punch Power Sugar Free (rrp 49p) will be available from March 21 (rrp 0.49) in cases of 24 from March 12.