Bodyform has teamed up with St. Mary’s University and University College London for its latest campaign, ‘Red.Fit’.

The campaign aims to tackle the ‘last taboo’ of women in sport and the menstrual cycle with a bold new strategy to drive consumer education and narrow the knowledge gap surrounding exercise and menstruation.

Red.Fit aims to inspire and empower women to ‘live fearlessly’ by providing them with the tools, products and ‘know-how’ to enable them to become more mentally and physically motivated throughout their menstrual cycle.

Leading sports governing bodies have pledged their support for the campaign and Bodyform’s partnership with St. Mary’s University, Twickenham and University College London (UCL) is part of a two-year association in a PhD program that explores the effect of the menstrual cycle on women’s health and exercise.

Georgie Bruinvels fronts the research associate. She said: “Because there’s a lack of information about the female body and how it changes during our menstrual cycle, women are often held back from knowing why and how to keep active throughout the entirety of their cycle. Joining with Bodyform to conduct research in this area is the first step towards empowering women to not to let anything, including their periods, hold them back from any kind of physical activity – no matter how big or small.”

Throughout the study, Georgie and her research team will provide Bodyform with scientific evidence which will be used to push the boundaries of traditional fempro marketing to educate consumers and fill a knowledge gap in the category. Bodyform customers can access this research on the new Red.Fit hub.