British American Tobacco has unveiled a new Cutters Choice blend with no artificial flavours.

Cutters Choice - A True Blend is priced at £3.99 and is available in 12.5g in both PMP and plain pouches. The new line does include humectants however, to ensure that the tobacco maintains a moisture level of 21.5%, which BAT claims is higher than some of the other 100% additive free blends currently available on the market.

The original Cutters Choice range will not be affected.

A True Blend has been launched with the aim of providing a wider range of taste alternatives to the Roll Your Own category and building on the 6%volume sales growth seen in 2012.

Claire Bodiguel, OTP brand executive at British American Tobacco, said: “We wanted to give adult RYO smokers an insight into the creation of their preferred tobacco blend - with no artificial flavours altering the original tobacco taste. We’ve maintained the exacting standards of the Cutters Choice brand to give adult RYO smokers a new way to enjoy the taste of their preferred tobacco.

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