Snackamolé, the on-the-go avocado snacking brand from Born Tasty, has revealed single-serve dips.

With a recommended retail price of £1.85 per 100g pot, Snackamolé dips are suitable for vegans, as well as gluten-free and dairy-free diets.

The ‘Chunky Avocado’ dip contains 99% pure Hass avocado with a twist of lime, while the ‘Guacamole’ uses an authentic Mexican recipe, bursting with flavour from the avocados, onion, garlic and bell pepper ingredients.

Richard Lakeman, sales and marketing manager at Born Tasty, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the response we’ve received to Snackamolé Dip & Chip since we launched the products, and we are incredibly excited to introduce the 100g dip-only serving in response to requests from trade and consumers.”

Snackamolé dips are produced in Mexico using the high-pressure processing (HPP) hyperbaric pressure processing method - a cold pasteurisation technique that subjects the nutrient-rich fruit to water-transmitted pressure.This method eliminates microorganisms and the enzymes that cause the avocado flesh to brown, which means it retains the unique flavour of the fruit and its nutrients. It also extends the life of the product, with the dips having an unopened shelf life of 35 days.