Müller is tempting indulgence fans with its new black cherry & dark chocolate Fruit Corner variant. The product is the first in a series of limited-edition lines planned for the range. It also breaks the mould by being the first Fruit Corner to incorporate chocolate within the yogurt. The limited-edition 175g pots stand out from the crowd as they do not conform to the sub-brands’ colour-coding of green for Fruit Corner, mid blue for Crunch Corner and light blue for Corner Healthy Balance. Instead, the new variant is a cherry colour and features chocolate images. A ‘limited edition’ stamp is also prominently displayed on the lids. The limited-edition pots have the same 54p rrp as the regular Corner range and is packed in trays of 12 x 175g pots. Marketing support behind the new limited-edition line, which will be available from this autumn through until next spring, includes inserts in Müller Corner six-packs. These started appearing last month and will run throughout October.