Sandwiches are a staple of children’s lunchboxes and offer parents an opportunity to ensure that their offspring eat well.

Hovis category manager Lisa-Ann Molloy says that wholemeal bread provides reassurance children get their recommended daily intake of calcium. “Currently, 25% of kids don’t eat enough calcium for long-term bone health, and Hovis Best of Both is the perfect way to ensure they are consuming this as two slices contain as much calcium as a glass of milk,” she says.

Consumer view Ashling Manning

“For my lunch I normally bring in a sandwich, an apple, an orange and a healthy bar, but on the last day of term or on school tours we are allowed to bring in one treat. “Our school is quite strict on snacks and we’re not allowed fizzy drinks, chocolate, crisps or biscuits. We are allowed popcorn, but only if we don’t make a mess.” Ashling Manning, 12

“All consumers will be affected by the continuing health messages on childhood obesity and the five-a-day campaign, and we expect sales of products which meet those needs, such as Wholemeal and Best of Both, to reflect this.”

Molloy adds that parents will take price into account, but won’t let it overrule health concerns.

“Naturally, price will continue to be a factor within the current economic climate,” says Molloy. “Parents are starting to take more control in terms of what is consumed within the lunchbox in order to ensure that the need for both health and value are met.”

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