The company has also made inroads into the healthy biscuits sector with the launch of the Belvita Breakfast biscuit product in 2010. Sales reached £10.7m last year, and Kraft will be hoping for a similar result in 2011 thanks to a £3m marketing investment that will include TV advertising and digital outdoor media.

Mounty comments: “Belvita Breakfast has revolutionised the biscuit category, and its success suggests that consumers are really buying into the idea of a biscuit as part of a balanced breakfast.”

UB’s Stuart agrees that healthy biscuits is an area c-store retailers could exploit. “With a total value of more than £34m in impulse, it is clear that healthier biscuits are providing great results for independent retailers,” he says.

“Healthy eating and healthier alternatives continue to be significant profit opportunities for retailers,” he adds.

“Independents who don’t stock the right mix of healthy products will see their business suffer as customers will go elsewhere to get what they want. While historically women have been seen to be the main purchasers of healthier alternatives, we are witnessing strong growth among men, and retailers should be stocking products that cater for them accordingly.”

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