Londis retailer Dilip Patel was the first retailer in the UK to install Country Choice's food-to-go concept, the Shop Within A Shop.
Dilip made the move as part of a 'Genesis' refit in April at his store in Albany Street, North West London, and claims that the investment has had a massive impact on his food-to-go business.
He says: "The fixture is proving to be hugely popular. You only have to look at our sales figures for proof of this. In the first month alone we had a threefold increase in food-to-go sales. Despite its small footprint, the concept allows me to offer
a fantastic range in every category."
According to Country Choice, the Shop Within a Shop occupies the minimum floor space possible, and an area of just 3m x 5m is required. It also claims to offer a low entry price for equipment and a quick return on investment.