Londis has completed the revamp of its fresh supply chain, with every retailer in the group now able to access an enhanced range of products with longer shelf lives.

The Londis Fresh system is the biggest supply chain overhaul in the group's history, with a new warehouse management system being introduced at all three retail distribution centres.

Instead of fresh and chilled stock being held in warehouses, retailers' orders are now 'picked to zero', ensuring maximum freshness. Londis retailers are now able to offer a wider range in store as they have more time to sell products through.

A new fleet of distribution vehicles has also been rolled out, with deliveries available to retailers six days a week.

The group's sales of fresh produce have doubled since the new system went live.

Londis sales director Steve Lucas said: "This is a major milestone. I'm delighted Londis retailers are now equipped with the tools, the capability and delivery service to make the most of fresh food, the biggest growth area in the convenience sector."