Nisa Retail is encouraging its members to sign up to Zapper, the mobile contactless payment app, following successful trials.

Zapper launched its all-in-one vouchering, loyalty and mobile payment solution through a trial in December with two Nisa members across their seven stores around Peterborough. The trials proved successful with all shoppers spending on average 35% more than the industry average (£6.50) and customers increasing their weekly shops by 63% above industry average (3.5 times per week). 

Steve Leach, sales director at Nisa Retail Limited, said: “We were happy for the two Nisa retailers to trial Zapper in their stores and we’ve been encouraged by the results they’ve enjoyed. We feel Zapper provides an innovative option for both the retailer and shopper to take advantage of convenient payment and loyalty rewards. As such, we are happy to work with the team at Zapper to make the service available to any Nisa member who would like to benefit as we look to firm up our loyalty offering.” 

Over a focused launch period, more than 800 unique Zapper users across all stores made upwards of 3,500 transactions and redeemed over 40% of all in-app vouchers. One customer averaged 8.3 visits per week and spent more than £430.85 in the launch period alone.

After the three-month trials, 97% of users gave positive feedback. Nisa customers ranked their service at 4.7 out of 5 and Zapper at 4.5 out of 5, while 91% of uses said the range of products was better than average at the stores they visited. 

Gerry Hooper, CEO of Zapper UK, said: “The launch into seven Nisa stores in the Peterborough area proved very successful, both in terms of mobile payment combined with in-app loyalty but also the level of voucher redemption and repeat usage. This in turn will drive up visit frequency and allow the retailer to better understand their customers, as well as their individual habits. The expansion plan for 2017 is something we are hugely excited about.” 

Zapper has also launched a vouchering campaign with Coca Cola to send brand specific digital vouchers via the Zapper app to consumers directing them into Nisa stores. Zapper is now launching in further stores with additional symbol groups around the UK such as Premier, Londis, Family Shopper, Spar and Best One.

Customers first download the Zapper app and then once items have been scanned at checkout, scan a QR code to upload the bill to the phone for quick payment as well as voucher and loyalty redemption. The app also captures basket spend data that can be used to send electronic vouchers and loyalty bonuses personalised to a particular customer and particular times of day.