Payment and loyalty app Zapper is off to a flying start in its trial at eight Nisa stores in the Peterborough area, the company reports.

In the first month of operation, more than half of registered users have paid using the app more than three times, and 12% of users have already spent more than £40 in total in order to get the first level £2 loyalty reward. In addition, 45% of users have redeemed one of the app’s exclusive offers, such as ‘three for one’ on 500ml bottles of Coke.

The system works by generating a unique QR code for each shopping basket, which is scanned by the customer’s phone in order to pay using a registered payment card. As well as being a convenient payment solution, customer data can also be collected to reward loyalty or incentivise purchases.

Peterborough store owner Sivarajah ‘Siva’ Theivanayagam said: “The most exciting aspect so far has been watching just how quickly shoppers respond to our direct voucher messages – some people have visited the store within 90 minutes of receiving an in-app or email notification specifically to redeem their offer. This is game-changing for us, finally we have found a simple tool which helps us match a name to every basket so we can reward loyal shoppers to increase basket spend and encourage a higher frequency of shopping trips.”

Zapper shoppers spend 25% more than the average store basket, added the company, with 9% of users making transactions in more than one of the test Nisa stores in the Peterborough area.

Gerry Hooper, ceo of Zapper UK, commented: “We are delighted with the launch in Peterborough. All the elements, from EpOS integration with MSP Solutions, to working with brands delivering individual digital voucher offers, as well as the ease of shopper adoption have met and even exceeded our expectations. We’re very excited about our opportunities to assist retailers in 2017.”