Mobile payment platform Zapper has kicked off a rollout into the UK convenience sector with a trial in Nisa stores.

Customers download an app to generate a personal QR code which is scanned at the checkout as a contactless payment by phone. However, the app also captures basket spend data, and can be used to send electronic vouchers and loyalty bonuses personalised to a particular customer and particular times of day.

Anish Keshwara of Keshco, which operates four Nisa stores in the Peterborough area, is trialling the app. “We’ve had a few people asking if we do Apple Pay, so I think the demand for mobile payment is there, but once you add vouchers and loyalty then it becomes really exciting,” he told C-Store.

“The ability to capture information means that we can target particular customers and demographics and create discounts for them. For example, we could encourage certain customers to come in during quieter periods without any paper vouchers involved. The app just takes it off at the till.”

Zapper has been given approval to integrate the app with Nisa’s epos system, with plug-ins also available for other retailers.