UK shoppers are increasingly turning to the internet to buy products that they would have previously bought in person, as trust in online customer service grows, new research reveals.

Improved convenience and timely delivery guarantees mean that 95% of UK’s shoppers are now buying products online, according to Nielsen’s Global Connected Commerce report.

Elsewhere, Amazon has revealed that carrots, Terry’s Chocolate Orange, Bisto Gravy Granules and Maris Piper Potatoes were among the most popular items ordered via its ultra-fast delivery service last Christmas Eve.

Just under 40% of UK shoppers say that money back guarantees encourage them to shop online, while 32% are enticed by same day product replacement services for products not available, Nielsen said.

A further 32% are also lured online by the pull of free delivery services for purchases above a minimum spend.

Online purchases of baby products, such as creams, wipes and nappies, along with cosmetics, have both risen by 4% in the past year, to 14% and 45% respectively.

“Both cosmetics and baby products are high consideration products that consumers have traditionally preferred to buy in person,” the report said.

“This change suggests an increase in consumer confidence in the UK’s online buying ecosystem,” it added.

Amazon added that Christmas puddings, prosecco and gift wrap also made the Christmas Eve fast-delivery list, as did Chicken and Mushroom Pot Noodle and Chicago Town Pepperoni Pizza.

Matt Knight, head of marketing for Amazon’s Prime Now service in the UK, said: “Last year Amazon saw a variety of items purchased with only hours to spare before Christmas Day, including food and drink, beauty gifts, toys and tech.

“Prime Now deliveries can be made in one or two hours slots on the same day which means customers can save the day by ordering and taking delivery of gifts and essential must-haves on Christmas Eve, whilst enjoying time with family and friends.”