Booker’s Premier symbol group is celebrating its 20 year anniversary with the first TV advertising campaign in its history.

The ads, which air for the first time on 10 September, focus on the community and family aspects of the stores, and on the value that shoppers can find locally. Each ad features two of the group’s current ‘mega deal’ promotions, and on a basket of Euro Shopper goods.

The campaign will run Monday to Friday every week for an entire year on ITV and satellite channels, with a particular focus on the Good Morning Britain breakfast programme. It expected that the ads will be viewed more than 100 million times during the year. The commercial was shot at a Premier store in Cambridge, and faces of real Premier retailers feature in a montage closing the advertisement.

Head of Premier Martin Swadling commented: “After we ran a successful promotion in The Sun, we asked retailers what we should do next and they said ‘go on TV’. This is a significant investment but also a statement of intention for the brand, and we want this campaign to drive footfall into store.”

Premier now has more than 3,000 stores in its membership, with sales approaching £1bn, and turnover has achieved double-digit growth for 12 consecutive years. Booker also runs the discount-based disciplined symbol group Family Shopper, which is on course to have 30 members by the end of the year.

The group’s private label brand Euro Shopper is also being given a boost to coincide with the launch of the TV advertising, with an upweighted presence in Booker depots, and the addition of six new lines, including a six-pack for the hugely successful energy drink.