Convenience Retailers of the Year the Cheema family from Malcolm’s Stores have signed a new five-year agreement with Costcutter.

The deal means that one of the symbol group’s longest-standing and most successful members has committed to continue their partnership after the new buy and supply deal with Palmer & Harvey comes into force nationally from July.

The Cheema family currently operate three stores, two under the Costcutter brand and one as Kwiksave, and director Paul Cheema told C-Store that despite talking “seriously” to two other symbol groups, it was Costcutter that still offered the best overall package for their business.

“When we started our expansion plan in 2012 we set ourselves KPIs about where we wanted to get to,” he explained. “It’s not just about the financial part of the package it’s about the other support, too. Costcutter is helping us develop the Malcolm’s brand, they have a man on the ground searching for new sites, and they are assisting us with the restructuring of our own business.”

New systems, technology and delivery arrangements following the transition from Nisa supply to P&H in the summer were also positive factors, Paul revealed.

“We accept that there might be a problem or two, but you’ve got to believe in the system to make it work and we have 100% confidence in Costcutter.

“As we expand, our biggest cost will be staffing, and we’ll be able to minimise this in future as P&H will give us good time windows and take the cages into the store for us, so we’d need fewer staff when deliveries come in. “

He added: “As Costcutter retailers I think we have a lot to be thankful to Nisa for. The service has always been good, and we’ve all done well out of the arrangement, so we should leave on good terms.”

Costcutter ceo Darcy Willson-Rymer said: “The Cheema family have ambitious plans for the growth of their business and I am delighted that they value the relationship we have built with them and are allowing us to continue supporting them as they expand their business further.”