Costcutter has revealed its new fascia brand strategy following its new business partnership with P&H, announced last year.

Three core brands will be offered to retail members - Costcutter, Kwiksave and Mace. The MyCostcutter brand is to be discontinued, although a premium version of Costcutter will be available for locations with higher demographics, based around fresh food and the premium version of the new own-brand range, Independent Specialist.

Your Store, which was acquired as part of the transfer of Mace from P&H in 2013, will continue to be phased out and replaced with Mace (Supershop in Northern Ireland).

Under the new brand guidelines, Costcutter stores are identified as community-focused and based around the proposition ‘Proud to be Local’; Kwiksave is described as being “fun and upbeat” with the tagline ‘savings to smile about’; while the Mace proposition is based around a quick, functional convenience shop.

Marketing director Richard Coates said: “This updated brand strategy sets our course for the next five years. Our brand portfolio approach allows us to serve the diverse range of stores our members have. Costcutter, kwiksave and Mace give us the flexibility to meet retailers’ needs whether they are forecourt, neighbourhood, high street, supermarket or CTN stores.

“Development continues across all the brands to increasingly differentiate them over time and further define retail standards and best practice for them all.”

Costcutter Supermarkets Group chief executive Darcy Willson-Rymer added: “The work was all about asking ourselves what do these brands stand for and how are they different? When we went through the customer research it wasn’t clear how you’d differentiate MyCostcutter from Costcutter, but as a three-fascia company our propositions are easier to explain and understand.”

“We will now be implementing different graphics, ranges, promotions based on the different consumer behaviour at each fascia.”

Willson-Rymer also confirmed that the brand review of the company’s Rythmn & Booze off licence fascia is ongoing.