A convenience store in Wales has become the UK’s first Stroke Information Point.

Owned by Will Hebson, the 1,000 sq ft Will’s of Caerwys store in Flintshire will now host annual Know Your Blood Pressure events in partnership with The Stroke Association.

Stickers and posters are displayed inside the store along with a large stock of information leaflets.

“Always available, convenient and local, the idea is not that the shop be expert in stroke treatment and care, but to be available to offer local support by providing leaflets when other more expected and formal locations such as hospitals and GP surgeries are busy and  perhaps more out of the way,” a spokeswoman for The Stroke Association said.

The first Know your Blood Pressure event was judged to be a success with  over 30 local people having their blood pressure checked in just two hours.

“The people came because they didn’t have to take time off work, many were going to the shop anyway and they were encouraged by friends and staff to participate in a familiar and non-threatening environment,” store owner Will said.

“I’m a local lad and my shop is at the heart of my community. I was delighted to help and the response has been terrific,” he added.

The Stroke Association is now looking for other businesses to become Stroke Information Points.

Speaking at the launch event last week, local MP David Hanson said: “Not only is this good for raising awareness of strokes, but working with local businesses will help grow our ethical local economy.

“Businesses who take part in this scheme will be given stickers to put in their windows to advertise the service. People in Flintshire will know that these businesses care about the local community.”