JTI has launched an information campaign to educate existing adult smokers on the changes that new UK and EU regulations will have on tobacco packaging.

Running online and across UK print media, the communication is designed to support the retail trade by providing factual information about the changes to adult smokers, highlighting the fact that the UK Government has introduced plain packaging for tobacco products which must be fully implemented by May 2017. Smokers are also given details of a website operated by JTI - www.packchanges.co.uk - for more facts on the changes to tobacco packaging such as the banning of smaller tobacco pack sizes and health warnings increasing in size.

Research shows that almost half (47%) of the UK’s 9 million smokers are not fully aware that packs are changing.

Charlie Cunningham-Reid, JTI’s UK Head of Corporate Affairs, said: “We have spoken to retailers and listened to their concerns. Our retail customers need extensive communications support now that the new packs have started to appear in shops, as it’s clear that many UK smokers don’t yet know that these changes are taking place.”

Praful Mehta of Meads News in Farringdon, London, added: “I’m starting to sell product in plain packs but my customers don’t know what’s happening. We need support so that smokers know that packs are changing. Any help from suppliers like JTI is welcome otherwise there will be a lot of confusion as more new packs come onto the market.”