R&R ice cream has launched several new products to capitalise on winter sales. ● Smarties Party Ice Cream is a log-shaped dessert with a chocolate outer shell and chocolate and vanilla ice cream with crushed Smarties running through it. ● The dessert is covered in mini- Smarties and white chocolate stars and is pricemarked at £2. ● The packaging gives tips on how to hold a Smarties party. ● Thornton’s Individual Indulgence Collection comprises four 130ml ice cream desserts with a rrp of £3.99. ● The desserts come in four flavours: dark chocolate truffle; vanilla truffle; hazelnut praline; and rich toffee. ● In the Toffee Crumble range comes Toffee Crumble Cones; four-packs pricemarked at £1. ● Finally, the Lyons Maid brand is getting nostalgic with a relaunch of the Lyons Maid brick in pricemarked packs of £1 and the introduction of a 250g Arctic Roll in pricemarked £2 packs. A Lyons Maid Sandwich – vanilla ice cream between two wafers and dipped in chocolate – also makes a return. It is pricemarked £2 for eight. TEL 01677 423397