R&R Ice Cream has added a new product to its impulse range for 2014. The classic Kitkat bar has been reinvented in an ice cream cone format. 

The Kitkat Cone features vanilla and chocolate ice cream, with the addition of a Kitkat finger. The 125ml impulse ice cream is now available for convenience stores. 

Paul Feery, head of brand marketing at R&R Ice Cream, said: “The new Kitkat Cone is a great example of how R&R is maximising the potential of a popular brand, in a fun and innovative way. The ice cream will appeal to existing fans, offering them a summertime eating occasion for their favourite confectionary brand. 

“We are confident that the Kitkat Cone will prove a popular treat this summer and so we have included it in our Ultimate Line Up; a selection of our best performing products. This is set to be summers’ Breaktime favourite!”